3 Creative Ways To Use Your Wrecked Truck

No matter how carefully you drive, there are times you cannot control the actions of those around you and a vehicle accident results. If you were driving a pickup truck and it was totaled, here are some creative tips about how to use your newly wrecked truck.

1. Create a Garden

While most people may not think of planting a garden in the bed of a truck, there are many possibilities when you do so.  While the rest of the truck may be broken, the used pickup truck beds can be filled with soil, and hearty plants can grow strong. Best of all, the metal sides can keep grasses and weeds from invading the herbs or vegetable plants.

2. Make a Trailer

The back section of a truck can make an excellent trailer once the truck front is removed. Attach a towing tongue or utility frame to the front of the trailer section, and you are ready to begin using your new truck-bed trailer. With the convenience of the drop-down tail, you can use it for backyard cleanup, supply runs or garbage dumping. You can also choose from dozens of trailer bed tents or hard shells to create an easy camping experience.

3. Construct a Swing

If you have ever driven down a residential street in a small town, you are bound to see tire swings hanging from giant trees in many front yards. Why not use the tires from your truck to create a swing for your children? Wrap some heavy rope around a large branch and secure the tire. You can even add a fabric seat to make sure the little ones are comfortable when they play.

If you are a creative person, you can come up with dozens of ways to use a wrecked pickup truck. You may even discover an entirely new way to use the separate parts. Why not give it a try?